It has happened that a number of missions had to be rescheduled - and nothing wrong with that, as players are often busy or otherwise preoccupied.

However we'd like to avoid a situation where players wait for a mission with assumption it takes place, only for it to be cancelled/postponed due to lack of interest. Because of that, as of now we are introducing a rule:

Unless stated otherwise, a mission will take place only if it has at least 4 signups. Otherwise you can assume it to be postponed automatically.

If you as a player wish to participate in a mission but aren't 100% sure if you will be able to appear on it, feel free to sign up tentatively. It will count towards the 4 signups requirement and there aren't any consequences for signing up and then not showing up (whether you signed up tentatively or not).
During the last few months, AIM has started to act up even more than usual. Long story short we are officially moving mission running to IRC, as opposed to keeping it as a backup option for when AIM is not working.

If you're not sure how to connect to IRC or what servers and rooms we are using, please use this as a refresher.
Following the recent IC post, Unity Group has a new goal (in addition to its usual tasks of course) - which is to retrieve ancient artifacts that are actually parts of Discovery or Self, or could be used as one.

This is where this post comes in - if you are interested in having an artifact retrieval event (either mission or log) related to one of your canons, please inform the mods. Either by responding here, or talking on AIM. You know how to catch us.

This is an offer especially meant for canons that didn't have a mission for a long time because they ended. I already have a potential list of canons in my mind and will contact their players to see if they are interested, but I am always open for new suggestions.

People who'd like to have other, non-artifact related post canon missions should let the mod team know as well!

Oh, and also: if players are interested in taking action to persuade ESUN not to accept Lee Linjun's proposal (that is: to make UG a part of SSR), you are welcome to do that. Run the potential ideas by the mod team if you're not sure if they're acceptable and fitting. The proposal won't be accepted or rejected any time soon, so there is IC time to act.
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Year one plot of SRWU is over, and year two plot (slowly) begins.

You know what that means!

New opening.
As per a request, this post is being linked in our guides section.
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Activity checks have been removed from the game. As of now, there are no longer any limits on character activity.

New activity rules (or rather what little remains of them) are as follows:

Read more... )

If the game grows significantly larger and character inactivity becomes a problem, activity checks may return. But for now, enjoy.
For the July and August activity cycle,

Following characters were ON HIATUS:
Sousuke Sagara
Kaname Chidori

Everyone else passes the activity check.

The game is small and it's easy for the mod team to see that a player is inactive and ask them if they still want to be a part of SRWU. Because of that we are considering simply removing activity checks together.

Feel free to tell us what you think!
Please read the whole post before commenting.

Considering that we have players from all over the world, mission scheduling is tricky. We often run them at times that are best for American players, but because of that non-American players suffer. There's also trouble with communication - saying that you want to come to a mission but hope it's "as soon as possible" is not always helpful.

Because of that, we are introducing semi-official standarized mission times. This does not mean missions will be run only at times listed below. It's only meant to serve as guidelines, to make communication easier and more clear: you can respond to scheduling posts with messages such as "I'd like this to be run at SE Asian time" or "2-3 hours earlier than American time please".

The three standard mission running times are as follows:

American time:
7 PM CST (Central US)
1 AM next day UTC
2 AM next day CET (Continental Europe)
9 AM next day MYT (Malaysia)

European time:
Noon CST (Central US)
7 PM CET (Continental Europe)
2 AM next day MYT (Malaysia)

SE Asian time:
8 AM CST (Central US)
3 PM CET (Continental Europe)
10 PM MYT (Malaysia)

These assume winter (non-daylights saving) time. During daylight savings months, times will be usually given in CDT.

This is a preliminary version and may change. If you think one of the times is set wrongly and a different hour would work better as a standarized guideline, let us know in the comments below.
If you don't know how to use IRC, please read this. It also has addresses for servers and channels we're going to use.
Recently a lot of people had trouble connecting to mission rooms using AIM or other software that supports AIM. It has always been an issue for some but usually one we could get under control - but it got a lot worse during the last few weeks.

So we're considering using irc to run missions. We'd still use AIM for communication, but this is an alternative in case someone gets dropped and AIM won't let them rejoin during a mission.

Without further ado, which of those options do you prefer best?

1 - Stay as it is now. Don't use irc for running missions.

2 - Try to use AIM for running missions, but keep irc around as an option in case AIM is acting up.

3 - Use irc for mission running every time.

Say which option is your favorite, and maybe also why. Discussion is welcome and encouraged. Make your voice heard on this matter.
Following characters are dropped from the game:
Liz Butler & Cathy Butler (character drop)
Hayato Jin (character drop)
Ryouma Nagare (character drop)
Musashi Tomoe (character drop)
Njall (character drop)
Aledy Nash (inactivity)

Everyone else passes - it's the first check of the game after all. The next check will cover the months of July and August.

In better news, all the game and setting information pages, including groups of interest, mecha hangar, character residency and timeline, should be up to date now. Enjoy and let us know if something is missing!
July starts soon, and with the month comes our first "real" activity cycle. Starting the cycle, we are introducing some changes to the game:

-The character per player limit will be expanded to its intended number of 6 characters/player, rather than 4 as it stands now. Knock yourself out!

-We've decided that the rules limiting the number of active LCW canons per player in the game, as well as LCW OCs per player, are unnecessary and are being removed. We may put them back in the future if the reasons for why they were originally there become an issue.

-Player characters are now officially allowed to apply for in-character positions within Unity Group. This includes not only established characters already in the game, freshly applications are already allowed to app for a position. More details on our Upgrade Requests and Applications pages.

-Our Requests thread is being cleared, so please post new requests if you have any. Additionally please respond here if there is a request you want mentioned in our game ad that we post in various DWRP communities and such! Standard request rules apply, that is you can request characters from a canon you are playing in the game or are willing to play if someone agrees to your request.
Following is a bunch of announcements of variable importance. I'll start with the most important ones:

Activity: A reminder that this activity cycle ends in June. Characters introduced during this cycle automatically pass AC until the next cycle so you do not have to worry about activity and checks until the month of July (July and August being the first "real" activity cycle).

HOWEVER the following character had no activity in the game at all and thus according to rules can be removed from the game:

Aledy Nash

Aledy's player, please contact the mods saying that you still want to be in the game, otherwise we will have no choice but to remove you for inactivity.

HMDs: It is highly encouraged that you track your own HMD post, to see if people actually post something there.

In-character residency and other information pages: If you find your character missing from the residency pages, contact the mods and say where to add you. Likewise if you think we can add something to the setting information pages (an NPC organisation, location, or whatever), please contact the mods and inform us.

Also a general reminder that players are expected to read the ooc community board (in other words what you're doing right now) and be familiar with important announcements as they appear.
First thing:

SRWU now has a hangar section for unclaimed mecha you can use during missions. So if you want an alternative for your character's usual unit, why not try out some of those instead? You can find the link to the mecha hangar on our game and setting info page.

Second thing:

We now have a game opening! Expect this to be linked at start of our missions, but you can also watch it any time you want of course. Can you recognize all the clips used and which shows are they from?
Jockey has been hospitalized due to a serious case of food poisoning. Because of this, it is possible that the mission "Sortie! The Twisted Colony" will be pushed for later.

It's possible but not 100% sure yet. A different mod or mission runner may run the mission instead, or (best case scenario) Jockey gets better by that time. Stay in touch, and let's wish best for Jockey in the meantime.
As of today, the game is officially open! That means you can start interacting with each other in-character, for those characters that are in the game for now. We will try to introduce others as soon as possible.

So, a quick list of what to do now:
1. If you didn't yet, make sure to join the IC and OOC communities! You won't be able to post there otherwise!
2. You can write a post on the OOC community where you introduce yourself, what kind of characters you play, etc. This is optional but helps get everyone to know each other.
3. Missions will start soon. Expect scheduling posts to appear in a day or so - if you are interested in participating in any of the scheduled missions, make sure to respond to their posts with your availability.
4. Regarding activity - April's activity will be fused together with our first real activity cycle which will cover the months of May and June. A reminder that each character passes the first activity cycle they were introduced in, which means you really have to start worrying about AC checks only starting July.
5. We're working on the game's in-character historical timeline. It's not yet complete but you can find it here. You can suggest your own events that should be added to the timeline!

That's it for now, have fun!
We received a lot of suggestions regarding Unity Group base locations. Eventually after a period of discussion we decided on the following:

First, we have Fort Alhambra. It's located somewhere in the US, in a wilderness a fair distance away from population centers. It is a military base that is a hand me down from the American government, so it may feel used or old - but it's serviceable and comfortable enough. Fort Alhambra was used for mecha testing and development, so the surrounding area is full of test fields, mock combat grounds and other surprises, left to rust and unused for years now.

Second is Sakihama Base in Japan. It is a super robot style underground facility, with a lot of command rooms, people sitting in front of computers and secret tunnels - they provide convenient and quick transportation near other points of interest that are sure to pop up in Japan. The base uses a cheapo, slightly sleazy looking hotel as a cover, it's actually used as low-security quarters for the personnel.

Third is Star Rose, a space station. It's huge and well guarded by GDF and UN Spacy forces, and is also a tourist attraction with many facilities that make life surprisingly comfortable and even luxurious for a space object. Unity Group does not own the Star Rose, rather the GDF does and we are only guests who have to listen to commander Simon Gato. Fortunately GDF is cooperative with Unity Group.

Fourth is a space ship - but it's not ready yet! This fourth mobile base will launch during the course of the game, as one of the first missions. Also I'm not saying it's Macross, but yeah... it's totally Macross.

These locations will soon be added to our locations page. But that's not all!

Since we know what Unity Group bases are yet, players whose characters are with the Group already can (and should) decide which base their characters are stationed in. Please either tag this post with the option you pick, or tell one of the mods on AIM - just so we know where everyone is residing.

To restate, your options are:
-Fort Alhambra: military base in the US, rather remote, was used as a testing area
-Sakihama Base: secret underground base in Japan, super robot-styled, in a coastal city
-Star Rose: a station IN SPAAAACE, popular tourist attraction, GDF's main military base
-Macross: big ancient alien spaceship, currently under refitting

There is an option to pick Macross as your "home base", but nothing important will happen there until the first SDF Macross mission. It's also kinda busy and loud because of all the work. Something to consider.

Also, thanks to the TSEN system of teleporters, moving personnel between bases is fast and hassle-free, so there are no consequences from picking a base - you are NOT locked out from interacting with characters from other bases!
The game starts very soon, on Friday. Because of that we need to get some things regarding the game setting in order - the setting can be expanded later of course, but some things have to be decided on as the game starts.

To be specific we're talking locations for Unity Group bases, as per our Locations page and this post. We need some time to make a decision and announce the results, so we set the deadline for player-given suggestions for what canon locations make a good base - the deadline is Midnight between Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th CDT.

If you know a good location from any of the canons that are in the game that'd make a fine location for a Unity Group base, please respond to this post or the earlier one that was linked a paragraph before. If you know such a location from a canon that is NOT in the game but you plan to app it, please let us know anyway - but make sure the app is finished before the game starts!
1. The official opening date has been decided. Super Robot Wars Unification will open on April 18th, Friday! Characters who are present with Unity Group (that is, those who do not require any missions) will be able to start threads and interact with each other starting from that time. Missions will begin from the next week, starting with April 21st, with priority given to missions that introduce new player characters into the game.

2. As the game starts in three weeks, we ask everyone who works on an app but did not post it yet to tag the reserves post. This is both to estimate the number of characters/canons we will have at game start, and to make sure no one takes your place.

If you have a character you wish to app but only later (because you plan the canon to be a lategame one for example), contact the mods to make sure they know.

3. As not everyone is familiar with SRWU's mission-running format, we have decided to run a simple test mission. More details in a few days!
Our first apps started to appear. If you are interested in joining the game, we are looking forward to seeing yours. But there is still over a month before the game starts, so there is plenty of time and no need to rush.

In other news, the testrun meme is up.
In addition to the SRWU mods' account (which I'm posting with now), there is also a mission runners' account: [personal profile] srwu_runners. Our mission runners, Jockey and Aero, have no access to the mod account and will use that one to communicate with the playerbase, posting mission schedulings and such.

If you want to familiarize yourself with the mod team members and how to contact them, please visit our "contact the mods" page here.

We are starting to get apps, so a reminder: if a part of your app is locked from general view and only mods should be able to view it (because of spoilers for example), please make it visible both for the accounts [personal profile] srwu_mods and [personal profile] srwu_runners.
As of now (March 5th 2014), the game is accepting applications. If you want to become part of SRWU, app today by responding here.

If you have any questions related to the recruitment process, writing applications, etc, especially questions asking if a canon you have in mind can be accepted into the game (this applies to both normal canons and original canons), please ask them here.

The in-character background has been expanded. It will grow and be further modified as more canons get accepted into the game!

The game itself will start around the end of April. There is no set date yet, but you will know at least two weeks in advance.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for a testrun 4koma post that's coming up soon, in just a few days!
As the locations page tells us, player characters in this game will be housed in several bases located all around the globe. We need your input - suggest what kind of locations would make a good base! We are not asking you to make up locations, but to use existing ones that are established in canons you or other people have app'ed (or plan to app) into the game. In particular we are looking for:

-A location in North America
-A location in Japan
-Possibly a location in space, around Earth (but not too far away from it)
-Possibly a space ship that is capable of travel between the others

If you have any suggestions, please respond to this post. We are really interested in your input here.
If you have questions, questions of any kind but in particular:

-Anything related to the game's rules

-Anything related to the game's setting

-Asking whether a canon (normal or original) or a character idea you have and want to app is app'able into the game

Here is the thread to ask! Anyone can post, not just community members, so knock yourselves out and if there's anything the mod team can help with, don't be shy. Ask away.
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Welcome to Super Robot Wars Unification. The game does not start yet - we project the starting date to be somewhere around late April. But in the meantime, all the rules are written up and the links are fully functional.

So feel free to take a look around, make yourselves comfortable. We hope to see you in the game.