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Activity checks have been removed from the game. As of now, there are no longer any limits on character activity.

New activity rules (or rather what little remains of them) are as follows:

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If the game grows significantly larger and character inactivity becomes a problem, activity checks may return. But for now, enjoy.
For the July and August activity cycle,

Following characters were ON HIATUS:
Sousuke Sagara
Kaname Chidori

Everyone else passes the activity check.

The game is small and it's easy for the mod team to see that a player is inactive and ask them if they still want to be a part of SRWU. Because of that we are considering simply removing activity checks together.

Feel free to tell us what you think!
Remember that you have time until September 8th to post activity for the cycle of July and August. Characters who were introduced during that time are exempt from the activity check and pass it automatically.
We're currently halfway through out first activity cycle! It began with July 1st and ends with August 31st, when that date comes you will have one week to write your characters' activity as a response to the activity post.

For full activity rules and the activity post, see here.
Following characters are dropped from the game:
Liz Butler & Cathy Butler (character drop)
Hayato Jin (character drop)
Ryouma Nagare (character drop)
Musashi Tomoe (character drop)
Njall (character drop)
Aledy Nash (inactivity)

Everyone else passes - it's the first check of the game after all. The next check will cover the months of July and August.

In better news, all the game and setting information pages, including groups of interest, mecha hangar, character residency and timeline, should be up to date now. Enjoy and let us know if something is missing!
Following is a bunch of announcements of variable importance. I'll start with the most important ones:

Activity: A reminder that this activity cycle ends in June. Characters introduced during this cycle automatically pass AC until the next cycle so you do not have to worry about activity and checks until the month of July (July and August being the first "real" activity cycle).

HOWEVER the following character had no activity in the game at all and thus according to rules can be removed from the game:

Aledy Nash

Aledy's player, please contact the mods saying that you still want to be in the game, otherwise we will have no choice but to remove you for inactivity.

HMDs: It is highly encouraged that you track your own HMD post, to see if people actually post something there.

In-character residency and other information pages: If you find your character missing from the residency pages, contact the mods and say where to add you. Likewise if you think we can add something to the setting information pages (an NPC organisation, location, or whatever), please contact the mods and inform us.

Also a general reminder that players are expected to read the ooc community board (in other words what you're doing right now) and be familiar with important announcements as they appear.