It's been fun, but with the recent mission, Seta's reached the end of her journey.

I'll still be back-tagging until existing threads are done.

Of course, I still have other characters in the game too, so I won't be leaving.
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Need to face the music.    Ana's canon has never really come together and I've never been sure about what to do with her.

Everyone else is still in the game though, and in another few days Hibiki'll be joining the game and Unity Group proper.
So with Aero's departure, I'll be dropping May and Shu as well.

It was nice starting out with May and being an amnesiac with Shu, but I just haven't been motivated to keep playing them recently. May also served as a pseudo-castmate to Willis, so without him around, she doesn't get much to do.

That being said, I'm still around with Seta, and, as I've said to a few others, will try my best to stay around until her canon ends.

I owe Steam an enormous apology for this one, but at least now, Selena can get her @3 plot going without further delays.
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([personal profile] a_linear_mind Jul. 28th, 2014 08:04 pm)
So with my last missions (Both as a player and a Mission Runner) done with and this guy being my only character actually in, I will be dropping from the game with..less guilt. I apologize to my castmates and people who were waiting on me for a bunch of things. I'm sure the game will still run fine without me. I'll still probably be around on AIM so feel free to poke me about anything.
Hahahaha yeah I'm gonna have to formally drop Ryoma for a long list of reasons. I'm not ruling out the possibility of coming back with somebody else someday, but now is not the time. Later, y'all.
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Much apologies to my castmates, such as they are, but I do not have the energy for this game any more. So I shall drop Njall and Musashi and wish you all the best of luck without me.
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([personal profile] kinaesthete May. 29th, 2014 07:39 pm)
Guess I timed this well. Kami here, and while I have more free time than Nerdo it's still limited and constrained by schedule and time zone so that I can't really find my footing in the game. Sorry to leave CR and castmates in the lurch, but I figure this is better done sooner than later.

Good luck, have fun, and I hope all the neat stuff I was looking forward to is cool for the people around for it.

Affects Cathy, Liz, and Hayato.