Ancient Disorder

An artifact needed for Discovery of Self's reconstruction lies in an incredibly old Martian facility. In order to access it, we have no choice but to use services of the only man left alive who had firsthand contact with ancient technology of Mars...

Canon: Armored Core, Gundam AGE (double post canon event)
Characters: Leos Klein, Flit Asuno, any number of other participants
Type: Planned
Setting: Ancient Martian underground ruin
Schedule: This mission may happen between Friday March 4th and Thursday March 10th. If you'd like to participate, please respond below with preferred times and dates.

Expected length: 2-3 hours
During the last few months, AIM has started to act up even more than usual. Long story short we are officially moving mission running to IRC, as opposed to keeping it as a backup option for when AIM is not working.

If you're not sure how to connect to IRC or what servers and rooms we are using, please use this as a refresher.