The mission Gotterdammerung was a success! The log can be read here.

The canon Sacred 40 is now completed!

Alexandra de Witt
Calvin Eldred Edwards
Roger Smith
Theodore Perdurabo
Eva Barton
Grace Wallach
Mizuki Onodera

-For once, retrieval of one of Calvin's artifacts went off without incident. However once we were prepared to take off, Enlil appeared to challenge us, the Arabian Peninsula being home to the ancient city of Nippur and thus his domain.
-The Ebon Court appeared but helped us fight Enlil - once he was (as future events would show, only temporarily) defeated, Maloz offered to duel for the artifact's possession.
-The duel was interrupted by Enlil's reappearance and Lucine going berserk. The latter is something that may happen to all members of the Ebon Court, apparently. Unfortunately there was nothing to be done but kill her.
-Theo (re?)acquired the Cross of Sinners, a potent weapon to fight gods.
-In the end, Enlil was defeated by Alex as she and Enki used Nippur's waters to create a fusion bomb. Before his death, Enlil warned us that something is coming - lured by humanity's presence, it seeks its destruction...
-As it turned out, Alex did survive the explosion! Though she is in a severe condition right now and Enki is gone. Maloz didn't survive the encounter - critically wounded, he decided to be killed in a duel rather than let Lucine's state take over him as well.
-As for the OSI, well... (See Calvin post)
The mission Cold Boot was completed successfully.  The complete mission log can be read here.

The "Horseman", aka Fyra
Theo Perdurabo

Important notes:
- The excavation site was indeed attacked by mysterious individuals in ninja machines, most likely from the secretive group Stigma.  Fortunately, Unity Group pilots were on-hand to help stop them.
- During the battle, the horseman's coffin was blown open, revealing an inexplicably alive and intact individual who is presumably the "horseman" the tomb was made for.  She's a bit moe peculiar but assisted us not only against the Stigma pilots but also from a monstrous Shoggoth who had been chasing after a much smaller, cuter Shoggoth that seemed to recognize Theo.
The mission Cold Boot will be held tomorrow at 3PM CDT.

Theo Perdurabo

We have plenty of room if anyone else wants to join.

Cold Boot

Even with the cool cats that are the SSR on the street, the Unity Group is not without friends and those who would rather come to it for help.  One such friend is Abel Meyers, head of the Metis Group who calls us back to Antarctica to help provide security for an Antarctic expedition and excavation.  Those never go wrong, right?

Canon: What Lies Beyond, Demonbane 2
Characters: Fyra, Theo Perdurobo, any six combatants
Type: Planned
Setting: Around and in an ancient, Antarctic tomb.
Schedule: This mission will happen Saturday, June 20th at 6 3 PM CDT.  If you would like to participate, please post below.

EDIT: Bumped back the start time a few hours due to a request.  If this time is problematic for anyone please let me know.
The mission The Call from the Past was a success. The log can be read here.

Roger Smith
Peola Nelfess
Theo Perdurabo
Ana Racik
Seta Albreich

-The "god" turned out to be a Megadeus, Dagon. Assisted by several giant mutated eels it tried to rampage through Paradigm City in search of its ancient owner, but was stopped. Roger destroyed the Memories housed in its head to prevent them from falling in irresponsible hands (such as Angel's).
-Unfortunately the REAL god Dagon showed up, summoned by fish-like Deep Ones. Its partner Hydra was there too and the two, cough, combined into Gondora.
-Kliiment, another of Peola's suitors, showed up and tried to attack civilians to force her to marry him. He managed to run away after not being given enough attention.
-We received help from a mysterious young man who somehow acquired a Deus Machina, a powerful magical mecha.
-After all that happened, Paradigm City's fishermen won't be eager to get anywhere near the water for a looong time. NEGOTIATIONS FAILED.
-Grungust Alpha performed well on its first sortie.