The mission Monomyth Breakers will happen on Friday February 12th at 10 AM CST - roughly 15 hours from the time of this posting.

Participants - route A:
Ana Racik

Participants - route B:
Eva Barton
Kei Kugimiya
Peola Nelfess
Asagi Toshikazu

There are open slots available. Route A is looking a bit empty at the moment - however there is nothing wrong with that and the mission will proceed regardless of how many people are participating from each route. See you there.
The mission Monomyth Breakers was a success, and both routes are now reunited. The log can be read here.

Kei Kugimiya
Asagi Toshikazu
Peola Nelfess
Ana Racik

-SSR acted before Unity Group could get there, and proceeded to assault the Discovery. Having no outside help, their force consisted only of the Shirogane, the Handsome Aces and Ana.
-Help came from an unexpected direction as the inside team managed to break out and assisted SSR in fighting the Guardians and the Seekers - who turned out to be much weaker than before, though still very dangerous.
-Lee Linjun tried to fire the Tronium Cannon on the Discovery, but Inspector Jou persuaded him not to. The Cannon obliterated enemy reinforcements which came from the other side of the Shirogane instead.
-The Discovery is now safely under our control, and the Inspector has some very important things to tell us...
Following the recent IC post, Unity Group has a new goal (in addition to its usual tasks of course) - which is to retrieve ancient artifacts that are actually parts of Discovery or Self, or could be used as one.

This is where this post comes in - if you are interested in having an artifact retrieval event (either mission or log) related to one of your canons, please inform the mods. Either by responding here, or talking on AIM. You know how to catch us.

This is an offer especially meant for canons that didn't have a mission for a long time because they ended. I already have a potential list of canons in my mind and will contact their players to see if they are interested, but I am always open for new suggestions.

People who'd like to have other, non-artifact related post canon missions should let the mod team know as well!

Oh, and also: if players are interested in taking action to persuade ESUN not to accept Lee Linjun's proposal (that is: to make UG a part of SSR), you are welcome to do that. Run the potential ideas by the mod team if you're not sure if they're acceptable and fitting. The proposal won't be accepted or rejected any time soon, so there is IC time to act.