The mission The Story's End was, despite everything, a massive success! The log can be read here.

The canons Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 and Super Robot Wars Unification are both complete! No further canons remain unfinished in the game... but it is not the end yet.

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-As the rest of Project Unification and allied forces created a defensive perimeter, the Discovery of Self and its escorts made it into the Lady-controlled realm. There the Discovery's real, humanoid form was revealed, and we fought against Loni Gavin. The stay in the realm didn't make any favors for his mental health, but he fled after being beaten, and the path to the Lady was open.
-The Lady tried to persuade everyone about the rightfulness of her way of doing things, but no one was convinced. Her and her minions' power was overwhelming but Inspector Jou managed to personally crack the tiny crystal that was created as a weapon to serve against her. Despite all doubts it was enough to strip the Lady off her power, and the Inspector survived the attempt too (thanks to Gwen).
-The Lady's loss was a cue for a new opponent to appear. Keisar Ephes, also known as the true Balmarian god Augustus, an ancient opponent of the Lady with the power to control the dead as his minions. He sought to control all life in galaxy, with what remains of Discovery being his key. Selena tried to stop him, but his powerful End of the Galaxy power seemingly killed her in return.
-Right after, Princess Armana and her Balmarian allies arrived to reinforce us, but came under attack by the Lady returning with minions. Neither the Lady nor Keisar Ephes were willing to cooperate, both enemies hellbent on destroying each other - and us!
-Selena then returned to the world of the living (courtesy of Elma using her electric whip as a defibrillator), carrying a message - a song from those who have fallen but still wished to protect the Earth. They spoke to us directly, with UG's fallen friends and allies offering words of encouragement, and Commander-in-Chief Roland Antov hijacking an enemy Grunbein with help of Rani and Brye.
-Seeing her minions fall and her strength wane, the Lady decided to hijack the BrightSaber, as Loni stumbled back upon the battlefield. Unfortunately for her, he was done being a puppet and forcibly threw her out of his unit, critically wounded her and fled. The Lady was then finished off by Walt Schmertz - for good.
-His command of the dead neutralized by the song, Keisar Ephes fought desperately but his unit was in the end destroyed. Ephes himself tried to flee, and kill Selena for good after she pursued him... only to be stopped by the spirits of Albhard, Captain Symphonia and the rest of Team Jelba. Selena then finished him. For good.
-The Lady has fallen and her sphere of influence is gone from Earth. The Discovery of Self was destroyed in the process of defeating her, but its components are still being examined because there was something within them that interested Keisar Ephes. We also regained access to the ruined Fort Alhambra base, though it won't be used by us because...
-With its mission over and marked as a success, Project Unification will remain for some time yet, just in case. Afterwards, it will be dismantled. Its members will either transfer back to their original units (for military people) or go on their own seperate ways (for the rest).
"Hey, you. Yes, I'm talking to you."

"I know what you're up to. A well-deserved heroes' good end, right? And what's next? A happily ever after, a timeskip X years later where everyone's married and with kids?"

"Nobody wants to read this kind of bullshit! It's literally the worst... and listen here. I was supposed to be the hero. I was, but you stole it all from me. You stole my role! I was supposed to be the one celebrating my victory here! Me and my friends."

"Let's settle this, once and for all. That's a much better ending, don't you think? I'm ready to go anytime. Just tell me when. I'll be waiting."

The Hero's Story Never Ends!

The final battle between the good and the bad guys!

Canon: Loni's Greatest Adventure
Characters: Apollonius "Loni" Gavin and friends, versus any number of UG villains (only one character per player this time)
Type: Technically spontaneous in your terms... but if you think about it, they're all planned aren't they?
Setting: Does it really matter?
Schedule: This mission may happen between Wednesday August 24th and Wednesday August 31st. If you'd like to participate - blah blah post below, you've read this a hundred times by now.