"Hey, you. Yes, I'm talking to you."

"I know what you're up to. A well-deserved heroes' good end, right? And what's next? A happily ever after, a timeskip X years later where everyone's married and with kids?"

"Nobody wants to read this kind of bullshit! It's literally the worst... and listen here. I was supposed to be the hero. I was, but you stole it all from me. You stole my role! I was supposed to be the one celebrating my victory here! Me and my friends."

"Let's settle this, once and for all. That's a much better ending, don't you think? I'm ready to go anytime. Just tell me when. I'll be waiting."

The Hero's Story Never Ends!

The final battle between the good and the bad guys!

Canon: Loni's Greatest Adventure
Characters: Apollonius "Loni" Gavin and friends, versus any number of UG villains (only one character per player this time)
Type: Technically spontaneous in your terms... but if you think about it, they're all planned aren't they?
Setting: Does it really matter?
Schedule: This mission may happen between Wednesday August 24th and Wednesday August 31st. If you'd like to participate - blah blah post below, you've read this a hundred times by now.
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