The mission One Who Got to Know God was a success. The log can be read here.

The canon Guns of God is now completed.

Gwen Douglas
Astara Kellin
Roy Garnette
Lenore Iblis

-The Lost Seekers stronghold turned out to be guarded surprisingly lightly, though including the final Centurion Chloe. However that was an ambush, and many Seekers more were lying in wait, lead by Jason Godefroy who also became a cyborg in search of enlightenment.
-The huge enemy force was stopped thanks to a Deisitic Disarmament Field, which turned everyone's Guns of Gods off. The ones responsible - Rupert Nestore and Marjory Marita, Daniel's long lost friends who turned out to exist after all, even if he remember their names wrongly! With their sole weapons gone (and their melee capabilities being quite bad), Godefroy ordered the Lost Seekers to stop fighting and surrender.
-The fight should have stopped there, but having discovered that they were the unjust that needed to be killed for Guns of God to bring someone closer to understanding God, Godefroy remotely blew all the other Seekers' machines instead! This allowed him to activate Apostle Mode himself, and he tried using his newly acquired power to travel to God directly - and take Earth with him.
-In the end, after a hard fight Jason Godefroy was killed and Earth isn't going anywhere. His last words were to call out to Daniel as the only one who could meet God now. The Lost Seeker stronghold actually did contain a portal that allowed the worthy to do just that.
-After a moment of consideration, Daniel turned the portal off.