The mission The Planet Abandoned by God had a lot of complications, not entirely unexpected to be honest... but ultimately, it succeeded. The log can be read here.

Selena Recital
Willis Clades
Kei Kugimiya

-We accompanied Princess Armana to Balmar, for her final sacrifice to restore the Spirit Emperor Ruach Gan Eden's power and allow him to save his home planet. However as it quickly turned out, Ruach had only his own well being in mind, cared not for Balmar and in fact drained the world for its energy to achieve more power. He then tried to hijack the Discovery of Self to escape the doomed planet.
-Ruach used the ancient relic Geber Gan Eden to try to finish everyone off, but its power turned out to be less than advertised. This was because of Shiva Gozzo, who revealed himself and explained that he had the Geber's workings modified so that Ruach's life energy powers Armana's and not the other way around. Then he executed the Spirit Emperor off for crimes against Balmar.
-Unfortunately, Shiva still wanted to take over the Discovery in order to usher Balmar in a new golden age. He was accompanied by Spectra and Calico McCready, and controlled Armana who was in a trance-like state.
-Calico and Spectra combined their machines into the Geber Vayikran, but were eventually seriously damaged thanks to our efforts and a sudden support from Baran Doban and Rand Travis working in unison. The latter decided to sacrifice themselves to finish Selena off (despite the former's protests), but Selena managed to survive it.
-In the end, Shiva was beaten and Armana was extracted from the Gan Eden... a victory that took too long to achieve as a final meteorite storm started to destroy Balmar, with plenty of civilians still left on the planet. A fact that Shiva would never agree with, and he used what power he still had to open as many portals on the planet as possible. An effort that cost him his life, but allowed almost everyone to escape the planet in time.
-The Balmarians are now homeless, their empire in shambles - but they are alive, and have two Hermodr-class ships to live on. With Armana as their leader they will try to forge a new path.