Because of scheduling difficulties, the mission Devastation was put on hold.  That said my own schedule is a bit more permissive this tome so hopefully we can make it work.

Please post below with your preferred dates and times for it from Thursday the 21st to Tuesday the 27th.  On my end Thursday, Monday, and Tuesday are only good during American times (after 2 PM CDT) and Friday is tentatively only going to work for Malaysian times and maybe not at all. Saturday and Sunday can also only work with Malaysian times.

Please let me know ASAP what days are viable for you, I might be able to shuffle shifts around if worse comes to worse.

EDIT: Saturday's now good for Malaysian times rather than American.

herodrawing: (Serious)

From: [personal profile] herodrawing

Unless something changes, all of these should be fine with me.
mechasaurusrex: (Even Grimlock Apologize)

From: [personal profile] mechasaurusrex

Friday and Saturday are the most optimal Days. Monday in a pinch.

So long as the mission does not start at 2-7am Malaysian time I should be fine.

an_emulated_mind: (the fun stops here)

From: [personal profile] an_emulated_mind

Weekdays should be fine after about 5pm. However, I don't think thursday will really work, and I might have some friends drag me off to a party friday or sunday night.

Saturday is free all day; sunday is free in the afternoon to early evening for sure and possibly even late into the night as well; monday and tuesday follow the same "after 5pm" thing.

All times CST.