The mission Fragmentation was a success... probably. Things got confusing. The log can be read here.

Willis Clades
Elyssa Soleil
Mizuki Onodera
Setsuko Ohara

- The opening ceremony of the restored Olympios Floating Facility was interrupted by a sudden appearance of Chimaeras in the city, doubled with an ominous crystal fog. In the end the monsters and the fog were both destroyed, although the several supporting Fudou Inc units were turned into Chimaeras.
- Aegis Security made an appearance again, this time complete with their bosses, Genoveta Christern Von Lange and Silvius Christensen (who was presumed missing). Despite a fight between Aegis and Project Unity breaking out initially, they seem to have friendlier intentions than before... Possibly. Those are some pretty confusing and mysterious people.
- Apparently, Willis' old love, Leigh, is alive, the reason for the Chimaera reappearing, and hunted by Aegis. All of this is deeply worrying because she died a long time ago.