The Last Ascension

A message arrives from the Gloster Foundation, informing Seta and Astara of a worrying development in the Kijin Realm. Seta requests a small team join her on a quick return trip to the Kijin Realm in order to deal with the problem but the help she brings may not be enough...

Canon: Hell's Embrace/True (Post Canon)
Characters: Seta Albreich, any 3 characters
Type: Planned
Setting: The Kijin Realm
Schedule: This mission may happen between Saturday, July 9th and Saturday, July 16th. If you'd like to participate, please respond below with preferred times and dates.
caressedthedarkness: (You shall die)

From: [personal profile] caressedthedarkness

Should be good any of those days as long as it's on Malaysian or European time.
majestic_keiki: (Shy smile)

From: [personal profile] majestic_keiki

Can do European time on the Saturdays, Malaysian time on Sunday and either on weekdays.
herodrawing: (Red Five taking off!)

From: [personal profile] herodrawing

Any time should be fine, but I'd like to know a few days in advance.
cloningblues: (talking part two)

From: [personal profile] cloningblues

On Friday and Saturday finish before 5 PM CDT. Other days should be good any time.