Bloom Again

Unity Group moves to ask the Knights of what remains of the Sidereal Tapestry. However, the stronghold comes under attack, people within forced to face consequences of deeds past...

Canon: Dirge of Fate (post canon)
Characters: Volya Alkaev, at least three other combatants
Type: Spontaneous
Setting: Knights of the Guiding Hand stronghold
Schedule: This mission will happen on Monday May 16th, at 10 AM CDT/3 PM GMT/11 PM MYT. If you'd like to participate, please respond below with preferred times and dates.

Expected length: Between 2 and 3 hours
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From: [personal profile] empress_without_a_throne

Count me in on this.

EDIT: I'm going to have to unfortunately downgrade to a tentative for this. Sorry.
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From: [personal profile] defies_fates_hand

Russian and Derp will be there.
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