The mission Void and Abyss was a success! The log can be read here.

Mizuki Onodera
Ken Torao
Dido Sybil
Setsuko Ohara
Willis Clades
Volya Alkaev
Kei Kugimiya

- As it turned out, the reason for the Great Black Void's return and the source of it power was a fragment of the Discovery! The ancient artifact is now recovered and in Unity Group's possession.
- We learned the truth of the Void's background. It was a vengeful entity created after a whole race of dark being was destroyed in the war against the Lady, and who blamed creatures of light for their deaths.
- Ultimately, the Great Black Void was destroyed, and it admitted its mistakes.
- Zankuro is back safe and sound, although he's artificially aged.
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