Rules of Hospitality

Another component of the Discovery of Self is located on Anakaia: the race's Great Forge, prompting the Unity Group's return.  But the mountains will prove even more dangerous than Lady Xion has warned...

Canon: Knight the Burned Out (post-canon mission)
Characters: Sielje, any number of other participants
Type: Spontaneous
Setting: A mountainous region in Ankaia.
Schedule: This mission will take place on Saturday, April 23rd at 2 3 PM CDT.  If you would like to participate please post below, and if this time is not good for you please contact me as soon as possible.

EDIT: Steam is Derp with scheduling.  Bumped the start up by an hour so I can actually be there on time, if this is a dealbreaker please let me know ASAP.
The mission Void and Abyss was a success! The log can be read here.

Mizuki Onodera
Ken Torao
Dido Sybil
Setsuko Ohara
Willis Clades
Volya Alkaev
Kei Kugimiya

- As it turned out, the reason for the Great Black Void's return and the source of it power was a fragment of the Discovery! The ancient artifact is now recovered and in Unity Group's possession.
- We learned the truth of the Void's background. It was a vengeful entity created after a whole race of dark being was destroyed in the war against the Lady, and who blamed creatures of light for their deaths.
- Ultimately, the Great Black Void was destroyed, and it admitted its mistakes.
- Zankuro is back safe and sound, although he's artificially aged.