The Day Earth Stood Still

The Beasts of Starmind launch a full-scale invasion on Earth. A large number of them assault many places around the globe simultaneously. How can they be stopped? The battle for Earth's future begins...

Canon: Bolo Chronicles: Neon Genesis Tankgelion (Finale)
Characters: Hikari Shimamura, any number of other participants
Type: Spontaneous
Setting: Surroundings of Sakihama Base
Schedule: This mission will happen on Friday April 15th at 3:00 PM CDT (2:00 PM CST). If you'd like to participate, please respond below.

I hope we get at least 4 people able to come this time.

Expected length: About 3 hours
cloningblues: (talking)

From: [personal profile] cloningblues

I'll send someone, but I may end up having to dash early if this goes for too long. Could we start 30 minutes earlier? (I can deal with it if the answer is "no")
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