The mission Devastation was completed successfully!  The complete mission log can be read here.

Grimlock and then Optimus Prime
Gwen Douglas
Dido Sybil

- The conference with the Decepticons got impeded by swarms of Insecticons that were attempting to "Cyber-form" Earth.  The cause of this was the Proudstar, an ancient Cybertronian vessel from before the Great War that had crashed on Earth and had abruptly activated.
- As it turned out, VIPER was involved with all of this, and among their ranks were several renegade Autobots who'd been recruited by Apogee.  There also had been a simplistic clone of Jen herself who they tried to pass off as the original, alive and well, but the truth was exposed easily enough with her chatbot-grade dialogue.
- The real villain though was the ancient Nova Prime, captain of the Proudstar and who had fallen under the influence of Unicron.  Nova'd intended to Cyber-form the planet into a new body for him and the surviving members of the VIPER team who still had some sense fled when they found out about that, leaving us facing just Nova, the absurdly powerful combiner Monstructor, and Decepticon fanatics under Nova's command.
- Grimlock and the other Dinobots were severely injured in the fight, but Nova's insistence on drawing out their deaths gave us time to save them all, courtesy of Optimus, Soundwave, Devastator, and Menasor arriving to help even the odds.  Nova's forces were wiped out, and he first attempted to make us surrender by revealing that the Cyberforming was being controlled by the Ferrotaxis; a computer holding the collective knowledge of Cybertron's culture and history.  Optimus and the other Cybertronians blew it apart with little hesitation, valuing Earth far more than Nova Prime had ever thought.
- In the end Nova Prime attempted to feign freedom from Unicron's corruption to try to get one last shot at killing Optimus, but quick thinking from Soundwave was able to expose Nova's trick for what it is, Dido and Sielje helping save Soundwave and Optimus's lives respectively before Optimus finally killed Nova Prime.
- The Jen clone was similarly dealt with, and the remains recovered after the battle confirm she was a simple, unthinking physical clone with a computerized brain with a bevvy of combat programs loaded in.
- In spite of the circumstances of the crisis, the cooperation displayed by and toward the Decepticons has gone a long way into helping solidify relations with them.