The mission Force Shut Down was a success. The log can be read here.

The canon What Lies Beyond is now completed!

Astara Kellin
Eva Barton
Selena Recital
Calvin Eldred Edwards

-Quintus attacked Mount Etna in search of a Causality Reactor that would make him complete. The reactor turned out not to be there - as a suddenly appeared Fyra revealed, it was moved to her own tomb and she obtained it instead.
-Quintus had the power of all four Orders, even Fyra's Death Order. But with the Reactor, she was able to counter him and summon a phantom army as support - including the phantoms of the other three Riders.
-One by one, Quintus' Orders were destroyed and he himself was then defeated by our joint efforts. Quintus survived and has been captured to receive proper punishment for his crimes (even though there was a notion to deliver swift justice on the spot). Without the Causality Reactor, he wouldn't have a long operational time remaining either way.
-The local defense force suffered heavy casualties, but thanks to everyone the city of Catania was untouched. As for Fyra herself...
The Last Ascension

A message arrives from the Gloster Foundation, informing Seta and Astara of a worrying development in the Kijin Realm. Seta requests a small team join her on a quick return trip to the Kijin Realm in order to deal with the problem but the help she brings may not be enough...

Canon: Hell's Embrace/True (Post Canon)
Characters: Seta Albreich, any 3 characters
Type: Planned
Setting: The Kijin Realm
Schedule: This mission will take place on Saturday, July 16th at 12:00PM CDT. If you'd like to participate, please sign up below.
Important note: Due to scheduling conflicts, the mission Devastation will be scheduled at a later time. Keep your eyes peeled for a new scheduling post! In the meantime:

The Planet Abandoned By God

In order to save Balmar, a Project Unification task force and even the Discovery of Self is sent to the planet. As well as Princess Armana herself - but there are those who wish to selfishly benefit from her sacrifice...

Canon: Super Robot Wars Alpha 3
Characters: Selena Recital, at least 3 other combatants
Type: Planned
Setting: The capital city of Balmar
Schedule: This mission may happen between Saturday July 16th and Wednesday July 20th. If you'd like to participate, please respond below with preferred dates and times.