The Decepticons return, not as enemies but merely to broker trade.  But their return coincides with strange goings on and the awakening of something ancient... something ancient and evil.

Canon: Transformers G1 (post-canon), Iteraction/Acceleration (also post-canon)
Characters: Grimlock, Gwn Douglas, at least two more combatants
Type: Planned
Setting: Crashed Autobot ship Proudstar.
Schedule: This mission may happen either on Thursday, July 14th, or between Saturday July 16th to Wednesday July 20th.  Scheduling's messy for me and it can only be late European or American times on Thursday, Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday, or Malaysian times on Sunday.  Tuesday is unfortunately a no-go.  But if you would like to participate, please post below with your preferred dates and times from what was posted above.