The mission Wheel of Becoming was successful, although not without cost.  The complete mission log can be read here.

Jen Douglas
Kei Kugimiya

Important Notes:
- The assault on VIPER's base saw a tremendous loss of manpower for the organization, between those killed in action or who surrendered when forced to choose that or death.  A vast majority of the massive submarine fleet they had was similarly lost either inside the sub pen or destroyed in battle while trying to flee.
- The ESUN casualties are also considerably high though, due to VIPER Commander himself taking to the battle along with a cadre of Julias and Apogee 13.  Dangerous and nutty as he was, the Commander was defeated and seemingly killed along with his Julias.  Apogee however fled further into the facility, where she revealed that she had decided to take her own crack at world domination through saner and more practical means, including having a ton of backup clones in small facilities all around the world.
- VIPER Commander proved not to be as dead as we thought and came running back in to try to kill everyone in a suicidal tantrum as Apogee made use of the Lava Cannon to not only attack Hong Kong but also escape the facility after rigging it to self-destruct.  Jen managed to chase after and ultimately defeat her while on the lava cannon bullet after it fired, everyone else managing to finally put an end to VIPER Commander before narrowly escaping the island in time.
- Thanks in no small part due to Jen's persistence and nanomachines, the lava cannon shot aimed at Hong Kong was diverted harmlessly away into the ocean.  Jen herself though had to stay on the round itself to ensure this, and in the wake of it landing is still missing, and possibly dead.