The mission Counterattack of the Unified Fleet was a success. The log can be read here.

Selena Recital
Asagi Toshikazu
Kei Kugimiya
Astara Kellin
Seta Albreich

-Before the unified fleets could get into position for an attack on the Balmarian force, Selena managed to break off and flee in Spectra's stolen Varuch Ishar, with Armana of course. The Balmarian pursuit group managed to corner her, right in time for our own force to show up.
-The Project Unification strike force fought hard against the Balmarians. Even though only a small part of the Fifth and Sixth Fleets were present, we endured strong resistance from a pair of new units, the Vayikran and Devariim, piloted by Spectra and Calico respectively. The Imperial Guards' Bemidoban was there as well.
-Thanks to Willis, Elma managed not only to repair the Soleares, but to upgrade it into AS Alegrias! Selena put it to good effect during the battle.
-Though their efforts at replicating Izuru's mindset have failed, Kei and Asagi found their own individual ways for the AHSMBs to Awaken. Their units' true potential has been unlocked.
-The Balmarian fleets' main forces soon arrived with the colossal Hermodrs, but before we could fight them all Balmarian clones spoke with the voice of their Spirit Emperor, Ruach Gan Eden. His meditations have ended and he declared the war with Earth over, as the recent Balmarian aggression was all decided by his Prime Minister, Shiva Gozzo, who planned to overthrow the emperor.
-Apparently we are at peace with Balmar now. Armana is allowed to stay on Earth and do as she pleases until the empire requires her sacrifice, and Ruach offered a piece of the Discovery of Self to us. Unfortunately it will require Armana's sacrifice first, as his full power is needed to reawaken it...