The final Horseman awakens, his tomb located underneath a populated area. His coming is accompanied by a black cube manifesting around the place - nobody can leave, only enter! The cube is slowly growing in size, and something has to be done before the situation gets even worse...

Canon: What Lies Beyond
Characters: Fyra, any number of other combatants
Type: Planned
Setting: Small town in Eastern Europe.
Schedule: This mission will take place on Wednesday May 18th at 1 PM CDT. If you'd like to participate, please respond below.
The mission Bloom Again was a success. The log can be read here.

Volya Alkaev (and Interitus)
Willis Clades
Seta Albreich

-The Guiding Hand stronghold came under attack by a small but unusual group: wraiths of the Black Garden, a group Lilica was a part of before it was destroyed by the Knights, their members' souls bound to Inarog until its destruction. They were accompanied by people who felt the Knights' self-righteous actions took everything from them.
-Sir Nathaniel came out and acknowledged everyone's grievances with the Knights. Their former actions were due to orders from Zieg and Aloysius, but he offered himself to the attackers to do as they wish with him. However, their attack was stopped by Volya, who decided that further violence won't achieve anything.
-With everyone sharing their own experience about loss and only a little force, we managed to stop the attackers peacefully. The Black Garden members could finally pass on, and the living people have to find their own things that are worth living for.
-The Black Garden left behind seeds, and hope that beauty can grow even from such.
-The Sidereal Tapestry (or rather, what little remains of it) has been acquired. Hopefully it will be of use to the Discovery of Self.