The mission The Flowers that Bloom in Space was completed successfully!  The mission log can be read here.

Seta Albreich
Izuru Hitachi
Astara Kellin
Kei Kugimiya
Dido Sybil
Asagi Toshikazu

- The Asteroid base turned out to have been of Protoculture in design, seized by Kamjin and other Zentradi using it to try to reactivate the Wulgaru's gate.  They got help for that by the somehow still-alive Jiart, with both groups intending to try to use the gate for their own ends to either call more Zentradi in, or open a portal for more Wulgaru.
- Ultimately, either through their own fair share of ally killing or the efforts of the Unity Group, Kamjin's faction was killed to the man as was Jiart himself... though not before the portal was opened, enabling more Wulgaru to arrive.
- Fortunately though, the fleet led by Legates Lumes has turned out to be comparatively small, and more than that has apparently come in peace.  The battles with Earth and the Unity Group have given the race food for thought, and the looming threat of the revitalized Balmarians are a greater cause for concern.