The mission My Future, Everyone's Future has been completed successfully.  The complete log can be read here.

Seta Albreich
Volya Alkaev
Willis Clades
Kei Kugimiya
Setsuko Ohara
Asagi Toshikazu

Important Notes:
- Chimera attacked to take back its headquarters with all the power Edel Bernal could muster from the Cambio Protocol... which admittedly was little outside of her own forces on account of the losses sustained by its most active and prominent members.  An attempt to make the main defenders lose heart by thinking everyone else was already dead fortunately was dispelled by both common sense and the unexpected help of Alternate Toby and Denzel, along with Xine Espio.
- Asakim Dowin has finally met his end courtesy of Setsuko and the Nautilus Carver.  He was actually pretty happy about being legitimately killed though, since that was his ultimate goal.
- Edel Bernal showed up in battle as well with her powerful Lemures, revealing herself to be a power-hungry bitch all this time with no regard for even the other Cambio Protocol members who were all just under her thumb so she could keep them in check.  Unfortunately... someone else had been pulling her strings all along.
- This person was in fact "Jii" Edel Bernal, the original who had created the "Edel Bernal" we knew to cause instability and chaos in the world for no other reason than the fun of it..  Assuming the guise of Jii Babel and the Black Charisma on separate occasions, Jii revealed himself to us to ensure we wouldn't stop his entertainment in the future... and with a lot of dimensional hax at his disposal he came very close.  However, a heroic sacrifice by Willis, and then Setsuko using her own Sphere's power managed to not only stop a potential merging of dimensions, but keep Willis from being lost AND also bringing back all of Xine's presumed-lost comrades from La Gias.
- With all the truth about Edel exposed, the Cambio Protocol probably doesn't have much life left in it, if any at all.
- We lost our chance of just erasing Loni from existence.  Way to go, guys.