The mission Another Disorder was a success. The log can be read here.

Flit Asuno
Leos Klein
Eva Barton
Asagi Toshikazu
Seta Albreich
Hikaru Shimamura

-The ancient vault which we went to investigate turned out to have been opened and tampered with in the past already. We also faced the ancient Disorder Units, acting as its guardians.
-Nine-Ball turned out to still exist as the final tomb of the guardian was one of its forms, Nine-ball SID.
-Nine-Ball revealed much: the failed Martian colonization effort was deliberate on its part in order to procure easily guided servants to act as protectors - the Vagans. All in order to guard the artifact present, and await the return of its creators.
-Nine-Ball's creators were ancient civilizations, the same ones that fought the Lady. This was told to us by a message left by the other person who managed to infiltrate the vault a long time ago - Haran Souzou, the creator of Meganoids and Banjou's deceased father.
-Leos Klein managed to interface with Nine-Ball SID. Having received a message of our intentions, Nine-Ball acknowledged the return and allowed the artifact to be retrieved. It has since shut down - most likely, for good.
-The artifact in question is an ancient computing device, the "brain" of the Discovery of Self. Though somewhat damaged, it is still operational. Leos is commended for help in its retrieval, but due to his actions in the past he has to return to the facility he's being kept at... though perhaps, people will view him a little less harshly now.
-Vagan children are annoying.
My Future, Everyone's Future

Even as the attack on Chimera's battleship draws to a close, one last battle will need to be fought to bring that conflict to an end...

Canon:  Super Robot Wars Z (FINALE!)
Characters: Setsuko Ohara, up to 7 other combatants
Type: Planned, but not yet.
Setting: Landed battleship in South America.
Schedule: This mission may take place between Saturday, March 12th and Wednesday March 16th. If you'd like to participate, please respond below with preferred times and dates.

Expected length: About 3.5-4 hours.

Note: Obviously, World in Black must be completed first before this.  So if you want to participate on both missions, please also specify your preferred dates and times for that mission's scheduling too.