The mission Light's End was a failure. The log can be read here.

Astara Kellin
Lenore Iblis
Kei Kugimiya
Roy Garnette
Izuru Hitachi
Calvin Eldred Edwards

- Carina managed to activate a gigantic mech, the Gatekeeper, thanks to resources provided by Cambio Protocol. The Gatekeeper's appearance caused high damage to the city it attacked and casualties among inhabitants.
- Apparently, Carina's real target were Lenore and Kazan, which she needs to finish the Gatekeeper. She managed to kidnap the Kijin and teleport away with the remains of her forces.
- Efforts to locate Carina and Lenore are in progress, but so far yielded no results.
- On the bright side, destruction of the Gatekeeper's factory module means that no further fake Craft will be produced anymore.
The mission Dark Ingress was a success - if in an unexpected way. The log can be read here.

Walt Schmertz
Eva Barton
Asagi Toshikazu
Hibiki Tachibana

-The cult of the Sleeper tried to summon it using mystical beacons - ones powered by human sacrifice. The cultist leader tried to persuade us that this is a small price to pay, and the Sleeper From Between the Stars will be controlled by him and used as a defender of humanity against all the other god-like threats that endanger Earth. We were not convinced.
-However in the end the Sleeper was summoned anyway, with the cult leader revealing his role as the Dreamer shortly before his demise - one who is necessary to be overcome for the Sleeper to awake.
-The Sleeper entered this plane of existence and immediately ordered people present to serve him. Unfortunately for it, it turned out human technology has progressed quite a lot since the last time the Sleeper was here, and compared to Unity Group units the creature turned out to be a giant pushover.
-The Sleeper surrendered and agreed not to demand sacrifices from humans anymore, in a passive aggressive way. We let it return to its home universe, and it shouldn't be bothering anyone from now on. It's almost comical, except for all the people brutally murdered by the cult.

Dakova's presence is detected, its energy signature leading to a city on the dark side of the Moon. The city that soon goes dark, and a team sent to investigate does not respond either...

Canon: Staring Into The
Characters: Roy Garnette, up to 8 other combatants
Type: Planned
Setting: A Lunar city
Schedule: This mission may happen between Thursday February 25th and Monday February 29th, or on Tuseday March 1st (European time only). If you'd like to participate, please respond below with preferred times and dates.

Expected length: About 3 hours