The mission The Boon was a failure - possibly. We are not sure. It's hard to tell. The log is here.

Mizuki Onodera
Eva Barton
Asagi Toshikazu
Walt Schmertz
Peola Nelfess
Dido Sybil

-Gavin and his friends attacked the Discovery, managing to break in while SSR was guarding it. Fortunately Professor Dupond or any other civilians were not on location. SSR assisted us in fighting the Lady's minions so we could move into Discovery and stop Gavin himself.
-All contact with the group that went into the Discovery is lost. What transpired within is a mystery, known only for those who witnessed the events personally (at least, until/if we see them again):
-We faced off against Desta and Ilinka, and also Raniiya and Bryanne in the Grunbein. But the latter two backstabbed the former. It was their plan all along to get their hands on the seals, and they had no intention of letting Loni or friends use them.
-However the Seeker attacked the Grunbein, and during the struggle Ilinka stabbed the Grunbein, ripping off its power source (the seal) and mortally wounding Brye and Rani in the process. Desta and Ilinka proceeded to get out of there and try to reach Gavin, something they didn't succeed at without perishing first. In other words, we managed to kill them back.
-Seeing his friends' demise, Gavin fell into despair. He used the seals' power on his wish - not to change the world, but to bring Ilinka and Desta back. It happened, and with the seals broken, the Lady was inches away from crossing back to our world.
-The Lady was stopped by the Grunbein, which could still move despite the lack of power source, motivated only by the TK power of its pilots - and the psychodriver ghost of Commander Antov. The trio's power was unleashed, and it managed to prevent the Lady's entrance... or so it seems.
-The Grunbein and its pilots are gone. Gavin and his friends are nowhere to be seen either, but hoping for them not to appear in the future might be too optimistic...
-Loni did nothing wrong.
Monomyth Breakers

The Discovery's in space, surrounded by a swarm of strong enemies. A fleet gathered by Lee Linjun plans to destroy it before the Lady can make her next move - what will Unity Group do?

Canon: Super Robot Wars Unification
Characters: any number of combatants, from both routes A and B (but circumstances of their entrance into the mission will be much different...)
Type: Planned
Setting: Around an ancient starship floating on Earth orbit
Schedule: This mission may happen between Tuesday February 9th and Monday February 15th. If you'd like to participate, please respond below with preferred times and dates.

Allowing everyone's scheduling, the sooner this mission may happen the better.

Expected length: 3-4 hours