The mission Lord of War was a success. The log can be read here.

Walt Schmertz
Eva Barton
Flit Asuno

-The island where the Rider's tomb was located predictably came under attack by Stigma. Less predictably, it turns out Silon is somehow still alive, even though we're pretty sure he died the last time.
-Stigma used a ship-mounted electromagnetic cannon the wake up the Rider of War, Tver. His Order made him impossible to defeat in combat, which is a problem when the one he wants to fight is you.
-In the end Tver was defeated not in a fight, but by Fyra's scythe which, thrown up into the air, no longer counted as a part of engagement especially after she was beaten. Just because you are undefeated does not mean you cannot die! Silon managed to flee however.
-The island has been devastated but Metis employees managed to (save for a few security pilots) make it to safety in time. On Unity Group's side, Morte has suffered extensive damage.
-Flit's back and seems to have hitten a growth spurt.
The mission Last Traitor was full of various revelations - and ultimately, a success! The log can be read here.

Hikari Shimamura
Elyssa Soleil
Jen Douglas
Roy Garnette

-The town has been burned down by a group of religious fanatics, the Lost Seekers. It turns out they have a shared past with Daniel and their leader said Daniel was a spy working for them.
-To make matters even worse, a Beast of Starmind was detected on location - the first time away from Japan, it turned out to be a copy of Bahamut Metalia itself! It said Professor Matsuyama made it, and used Hikari's friend Katsuhiko as an unwilling interface.
-The above turned out to be lies. Daniel worked with the Lost Seekers but that was in the past, and he appeared as a reinforcement - on our side.
-Shoji Matsuyama uncovered a message from the past, revealing the true nature of the fake Beast Bahamut. His grandpa was not the one to create it or give it orders to conquer humanity, he in fact sealed it away at a cost of his own life - but saving thousands in the process.
-Katsuhiko was rescued thanks to everyone's efforts, and a timely intervention of Roy's Wagner - still without its cockpit block. Roy is indeed a robot, one whose AI is housed in Wagner itself.
-The old compound of the Lost Seekers may have some answers. Apparently one of their Wise Men, thought deceased, is still alive and restarts the crusade against the world.