The mission The Atonement will happen on Friday January 15th, at 10 AM CST/4 PM GMT. This is in about 11 hours from the time of this posting.

Mizuki Onodera
A Tengu character
Eva Barton
Dido Sybil (late)

There are free slots available and I know more people were interested in the scheduling post. If the time is good for you, feel free to show up!
The mission The Atonement was a huge revelation that fundamentally changed several things - and a failure. The log can be read here.

Volya Alkaev
Eva Barton
Mizuki Onodera
Dido Sybil

Guest stars/traitors:
Bryanne Eriksen
Raniiya Arian

-Apollonius "Loni" Gavin was after his uncle, but as it turns out - the uncle never existed at all. It was an elaborate illusion that fooled everyone or maybe even reality itself. In actuality, the one who supported and led Loni from the start was the Lady herself. This is also why we never learnt the uncle's name or met him in person.
-Rani and Brye appeared again and helped us in the fight, but eventually it turned out that they decided to side with Loni. They have their own idea of how to use the seals' power, but regardless...
-The room where the ESUN secret council was supposed to be located at housed the last seal instead, and Loni secured it. That means with the Grunbein seal, he controls all three. He needs access to the Discovery to break them and free the Lady. Obviously, stopping him from doing so is the highest priority.
-The secret ESUN council responsible for Unity Group's funding turned out to be non-existent, just like Loni's uncle. Which begs the question where we got the funding from.
-Volya and Interitus were heavily wounded by the seal's guardian.