The Atonement

Loni appears once again, but he doesn't attack the laboratories where the last seal was being held. Instead he assaults an official ESUN building - one housing Unity Group's gathering of sponsors. A building where, as it turns out, Loni's uncle was summoned to for a talk.

Canon: Super Robot Wars Unification
Characters: Any 8 combatants
Type: Spontaneous
Setting: ESUN government facility
Schedule: This mission will happen on Friday January 15th at 10 AM CST/4 PM GMT. Not ideal for everyone, I know - sorry about that. If you'd like to participate, please respond below.

Expected length: 3-4 hours
Desert Heat

VIPER rears its ugly head once more, with a base located in the Middle East and familiar faces more than eager to settle the score.

Canon: Iteration/Acceleration
Characters: Jen Douglas, up to 7 other combatants
Type: Planned
Setting: Canyon base
Schedule: This mission will happen Monday, January 18th at 9 AM CST.  If this is a problem for anyone schedule-wise please let me know ASAP, but otherwise if you would like to participate, please post below.