The mission Home was a catastrophe and a failure. The log can be read here.

Roy Garnette
Lenore Iblis
Eva Barton
Asagi Toshikazu
Hikari Shimamura

-The artificial island of Erria came under attack by the people responsible for John Dotrice's abduction, in order to awaken Dakova and then capture it, weakened by its initial outburst. They have succeeded.
-The enemies turned out to be a group known as SCCF - the Special Capture/Containment Foundation. Their goal was to study, capture and utilize supernatural specimens around the world, but now they decided to use their findings to bring new order to the world: whether it wants to or not. Even more worryingly, they seemed to utilize some Chimera AI units.
-The SCCF leader Lilian Cavanagh was killed and their carrier lost a large section, but in the end we were unable to save John Dotrice.
-Roy turned out to be a very human-like robot, something which even he didn't know. However he too was severely damaged and his body was lost to the sea. All we could recover was the pilot-less Wagner...
-The island of Erria is destroyed and its survivors are not too well mentally.