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With all of its missions completed, SRWU is now closing. Thank you to all players who decided to participate, and to our runners who assisted the mod team with running missions and events! The game wouldn't be the same without you guys.

New IC posts can still be written, and in fact there will be an NPC post up in a few days to provide in-character closure. Everyone has a chance to show what their characters are up to once their adventure with Unity Group and Project Unification drew to an end.

This marks a successful finish of the third (and last) SRW-based journal game, the second one with the mod team as it is now. As with the other two, this means final mission stats are now up on the 4koma community. The post is very long so I suggest reading it from the community page, but hopefully it will provide you with some interesting tidbits.

Finally, the closing messages from the mod team:

I joined UG1 spring of '08, during my freshman year of college. I'd made some friends but my study habits and interests kept me from making close connections with anybody. UG1 was where I met Tengu and then Cubey, and it was on /m/ that I met some of you other awesome people. And even if we suddenly lose contact tomorrow and never meet again, you all are going to have a very special place in my memories because my time doing these SRW RPs have been the best years of my life, through all the ups and downs I went through.

In that time and looking back, I can see how I've grown both in and out of the game. Drafting up OCs, graduating college, becoming a mod, getting various jobs, learning how to be a good mod, getting in a car accident, and of course, seeing three of these games come to an end, the last of which coinciding with my likely escape from the Hell that is CVS.

I don't know where my life would've taken me if I didn't click that google link for "Super Robot Wars Unlimited Generation" all those years ago and then draft up an account for the last mecha series I'd seen, as unconventional as it was. But I know I wouldn't have gotten to learn about any of you guys, and there's no way I'd be as happy.

If you ever see me on AIM or on Steam (the program, not my name), never be afraid to drop me a line. I will always try to find time for you guys.

Pretty much all of us at least briefly played UG@, and remember that game ending, so I don't want to repeat the final message from that game too much. Unlike UG@ though, this is it; there won't be another journal game from this team, at least not in a long while, and I think it's safe to say that most of us got a bit tired of mecha games at this point. But that doesn't mean we need to sever ties! Stay in touch, folks; it's been great to talk to you over the years, and let's continue that. You all know my AIM, and if you want to contact me on Skype as well, just ask me over AIM.

Overall, I'd say SRWU was a more balanced, even experience than UG@ was; the high points in UG@ were higher, but the low points were also lower. It was also a much smaller game, played mostly among people who already knew each other for a long time - not that it's a bad thing. What's important, though, is that I had fun in it, and don't regret running this game at all, even if I had periods when I suffered from burnouts and had to slow down or take breaks. I think we all deserve a break from SRW, for a while.

Now that the game is ending, I will probably focus more on my main form of online RP from before UG@ started - that is, PbP games. I've always been playing in at least one pretty much since forever, and I intend to start recruiting for one around october. It's urban fantasy; if anyone's interested, feel free to poke me and find out the details.

It's been great. Thanks, folks, and take care.

Summer 2011, over five years ago. That's when UG@ started, and I was there, just a player who knew some people who were going to run the game. On one hand it feels like those five years passed in a flash. On the other - I never would have realized how much everything would change while I continued to play, first UG@ as a player, then as a mod to replace the old team, then finally in SRWU. They were just games but they became a big part of my life. Checking tags, a mission almost every week, all that became a part of my routine.

And now it's ending. It must end - SRWU was fun to the end, but if I said I didn't grow a little weary of over five years of non-stop roleplaying, I'd lie. But if I said I wasn't sad, that I wasn't looking back with a nostalgic eye, that'd also be a lie. Our shared path was sometimes a rocky one, there were frustrations, disagreements, and us the mods made mistakes and as it turned out, had oh so much to learn (I thought experience in PbP games would translate well to modding a journal game. How wrong I was!). But we went through it together. We created strong bonds - all of you who stayed with SRWU to the end have been with us since UG@. We made some memories, and last but not the least - I hope we all had fun. Because in the end, SRWU was a game, and a game is supposed to be fun.

I know it was for me.
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