The mission Deception was technically a success - but one that brings a lot of bad news. The log can be read here.

Willis Clades
Elyssa Soleil
Mizuki Onodera
Optimus Prime

-The Chimaera fog appeared in the Sakihama city - the populated part. Leigh Tahlia and the Licht appeared as well, having reunited with Willis and decided that she wants to help us now, regardless of who or what she is.
-Aegis reinforcements soon followed. Unfortunately they were here because of Leigh - as a presumed Chimaera Core, they assumed the fog was her fault and she needed to be killed. We fought Jen Douglas and Michael Verge, but after defeating them they were seemingly killed by a Chimaera ambush. This is when the Aegis CEO Silvius Christensen appeared, as well as Genoveta and Lucille. The trio was enraged by Jen and Michael's deaths. Only after both Silvius and Willis severely damaged each others' machines, they came to a conclusion that the whole trouble could've been avoided if only they were more willing to talk to each other instead of automatically assuming the worst.
-Jen turned out to be not quite dead, having been revived by her nanomachines in a similar fashion to Leigh before. Michael also returned, but as a mindless Chimaera.
-Elys is gone. The only way to save everyone present and the city from the Chimaera was for her to push beyond the Destruction Limit, suppressing the fog over the whole area and weakening the Chimaera, at the cost of her own life.
-Jen fled, the Durandal Chimaera in tow. Trying to chase after her finally revealed the true mastermind: Setsuna Zeeck, Caduceus CEO. Despite her Olympios facility having done a lot of good towards humanity, she admitted to being behind the Chimaera, both their original appearance and the recent return. She warned Project Unification not to interfere with her plans.
-Thanks to everyone's fast reaction, civilian casualties in the city were small. The Olympios floating facility is currently missing, its reappearance will most likely be bad news.
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