The mission Smoke Over Earth was a much-needed success. The log can be read here.

Flit Asuno
Willis Clades
Elyssa Soleil
Leos Klein (and the strongerest robot)

-With the Lost Seekers performing simultaneous attacks all over the globe, Project Unification was stretched thin to respond to them all. Our only chance was to stop their commander, who was leading the attacks from the (not-so) abandoned old Seeker compound.
-We faced off against the commander, Smoke Centurion Masaru, as well as Light Centurion Chloe. The former turned out to be a real bastard who thinks nothing of using even his own men as living bombs, and managed to critically damage the Steel Wanderer and seemingly kill Daniel...
-Only for Daniel to realize he has unlocked the true power of the Gun of God! The key to that was to kill enough unjust, which he did by fighting the Lost Seekers. With his newly attained Apostle Mode, Masaru was killed and Chloe was forced to flee. With her signal to retreat, the Lost Seekers all over the world withdrew as well.
-Daniel marked one of the retreating Seekers with a transmitter so we know where they're going to now. As soon as the location of their hideout is pinpointed, Project Unification will move out to put a stop to their crusade.
-The Lost Seekers actually did attack Sakihama just like Masaru told the mission participants, but unlike what he said, the attack was repelled without much difficulty thanks to all the security and Project Unification forces stationed there. It turns out villains sometimes lie or tell half-truths, who knew.
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