The mission Freedom to Live was a failure. The log can be read here.

Willis Clades
Mizuki Onodera
Volya Alkaev and Interitus
Dido Sybil
Shu Shirakawa

-Fort Alhambra is lost. The base is now in the middle of a steadily-growing zone of the Lady's influence, and unavailable for us due to obvious reasons.
-What happened is Fort Alhambra coming under attack by Loni and Ilinka who wanted to avenge Desta's death. The Lady's minions appeared to assist them, but they didn't appreciate it and actually destroyed several of them. Their units' sorry state revealed that the duo didn't work with the Lady anymore.
-However, when the tide inevitably turned against them, Ilinka decided to use the power of love that, according to her, means willingness to do anything for the one you love, even kill or make deals with someone you hate. In other words, she used the Lady's power to become a Guardian to cover Loni's escape.
-Gavin made an on-foot return as he made up his mind, and wanted to just have adventures with Ilinka from this point on... right on time to see her die. This caused him to lose it, and since no one in the world can bring his friends back to life - he was urged by the Lady to bring her back so that she may change the world itself. An offer which he accepted.
-We lost Shirogane and captain Lee Linjun, the latter refusing to leave the ship to the end to make sure he takes Ilinka down and protects Alhambra. Interitus is also severely wounded, burned by Tronium energy she tried to redirect to prevent a massive onsite explosion. Because of their efforts, casualties to the base personnel were relatively small, and everyone alive managed to evacuate in time.
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