The mission Staring Into Thee was a success. The log can be read here.

The canon "Staring Into The" is now completed!

Roy Garnette
Astara Kellin
Asagi Toshikazu
Eva Barton
Lenore Iblis

-Beatrice Willson tried to forcibly take over the world through mind control. Following her psychic signal we appeared at a psionically stealthed abandoned colony "Panopticon"... where it turned out Dakova is not quite dead, having been revived and controlled by the SCCF leader.
-Though the opponent was overpowering, Roy took John Dotrice's legacy to heart and created an opening at a cost of great damage to himself and te Wagner. In the end, Dakova was relieved that it could have died for real.
-Beatrice survived and was captured. The SCCF is truly gone, and its leader will receive judgement for her crimes by a lawful court.
-The Panopticon was destroyed by the lava cannon used by VIPER. By the time of the debriefing, VIPER was defeated as well - which means the Cambio Protocol is finally neutralized. For good.
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