The mission Fugitive's Truth was a failure - but one that brings a possible change of winds. The log can be read here.

Selena Recital
Asagi Toshikazu
Kei Kugimiya
Willis Clades
Grimlock (and the rest of Dinobots)

-The Balmarians launched an attack on Sakihama city in order to force Armana out of hiding. Princess Armana turned out to be a Balmarian, to the surprise of pretty much no one.
-The attack was led by Spectra and Luria. The latter is Armana's bodyguard and revealed the motives behind the attack - Balmar needs the Priestess of Zehirut to sacrifice herself to avert disaster. Armana was given time by the Spirit Emperor, but now the Prime Minister of Balmar is in charge and he wants her back, by any means necessary.
-To make matters even worse, Apollonius "Loni" Gavin appeared and tried to free Armana both from Balmarians and from Unity Group.
-Spectra managed to grab Armana and destroy Selena's unit. The Balmarian forces withdrew, but Selena was nowhere to be found in or near the Soleares...
-Loni was forced to withdraw by SSR's sudden appearance. As it turns out, Viletta and the rest weren't there for no reason, and hold more important news for us...
-Damage to the city was relatively minor due to the Balmarians' precision and our quick reaction, but one has to wonder why people still insist on living anywhere near Sakihama Base.
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