The mission Hunger was a success, albeit one paired with ominous omens for the future. The log can be read here.

Kei Kugimiya
izuru Hitachi
Eva Barton
Mizuki Onodera  (and Zankuro)

- Tre, the third Rider, was killed, and with his defeat the giant black cube he created disappeared. The surviving citizens of the town where it was located were evacuated, though many of them are in bad shape physically and/or mentally. Whether they will rebuild or move to another place remains to be seen.
- Fyra managed to repair her malfunctions, while remaining in full control of herself and not becoming a psychotic killer like the other Riders. Morte was also restored to his full strength as Sann Morte.
- Silon, the leader of Stigma, turned out to be the fifth Rider, Quintus - one who wants to destroy the world in order to stop his suffering from being unable to fulfill his directive of protecting his long-dead masters. The deaths of other three Riders caused him to be restored to full power! He teleported away soon after revealing those facts, and his current whereabouts are unknown.
- As it turned out, both the awakening of the Riders and their existence at all are because of the Kijin. Thanks, Seta.
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