The mission The Magic Flight was a failure. The log can be read here.

Willis Clades
Selena Recital
Kei Kugimiya
Calvin Eldred Edwards
Seta Albreich

-Apollonius "Loni" Gavin and his friends turned out to be alive and well, to the surprise of pretty much no one. They made their re-appearance during the fight with Balmarians, aided by Lady-made copies of the Grunbein.
-Loni's objective is to be the hero who will use the Lady's boon to save the world. He decided to do it by beating up everyone who threatens the Earth, including Balmarians - and apparently both UG and the SSR.
-The Lady spoke again, talking of her visions of the future. According to her, neither the world guarded by SSR nor one by Unity Group will turn out well.
-Loni's gang took a pretty serious beating, but they managed to activate the Discovery of Self and make a really quick escape on the ancientspaceship. It departed to parts unknown...
-The Balmarian reconnaisance fleet was wiped out, but it'd be too optimistic to think their invasion ends on that.
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