The mission Rules of Hospitality was completed successfully!  The complete mission log can be read here.

Jen Douglas
Kei Kugimiya

Important Notes:
- The seemingly innocent ESUN transport that we'd passed by on the way to pick up the Great Forge was in fact trying to secretly smuggle stolen Ankaian materials to Earth.  Turns out that Fumerco is not as dead as we would've hoped, having simply shuffled around assets and changed names.
- This was all revealed to us by Lady Xion the Bulwark, who also destroyed the experimental joint-technology suit.  However, Xion felt that the only way to protect Ankaia was to completely shut it off from Earth, first setting an example by killing all the transport's staff.  She fortunately mellowed out between the efforts of the Unity Group, news that the ESUN and Ankaians would be strictly inspecting everything coming into or being taken from Ankaia, and Sielje's own words and efforts.
- With all transit between Earth and Ankaia now being even more closely scrutinized and the truth now out in the open, those that wish to exploit Ankaia will likely not have much success in that front even as the legal officers of the ESUN find ways to bring them to justice.
- Sielje's beasthide dress is not just for show.

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