The mission Inferno was a success. The log can be read here.

Roy Garnette
Eva Barton
Elyssa Soleil
Calvin Eldred Edwards

-The base where Beatrice Willson was being held was taken hostage by SCCF, who have given us an ultimatum to let her go or else it will be destroyed by their flagship, The Yellow King's Decree, and its Dakova-powered main cannon.
-We've engaged the SCCF forces, but the SCCF located Beatrice and managed to get her free during the fighting. In the end, she managed to get away.
-The cannon misfired, causing the Yellow King's Decree to be severely damaged and exposing Dakova. The creature apparently only wanted to be put out of its misery.
-In the end, the SCCF unit Golden Ebony (piloted by two pilots who turned out to be two personalities of one man), their flagship, and most of their forces were obliterated. Dakova perished as well, unable to live in Earth's normal atmosphere. Only Beatrice Willson escaped, but what can she do all by herself, no one can tell.
-The holding base's security force was wiped out or forced to retreat, but otherwise the facility is mostly fine. The mountain towering above it is significantly shorter, however.
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