The mission Inheritance was a success. The log can be read here.

The canon Iteration/Inheritance is now completed.

Willis Clades
Setsuko Ohara (and the Glory Stars)
Mizuki Onodera
Shu Shirakawa
Leos Klein (and Lana)

- Olympios Floating Facility arrived at Dakar and started spreading the Chimaera nanomachine fog - and it turned out that the facility itself housed a gigantic Chimaera Core! Soon after that, several similar Cores were discovered all over the word, making the situation dire.
- All of this was a part of Setsuna Zeeck's plan to improve humanity through forced evolution - a way to fight alien threats, especially the Lady, with humanity's own power, without relying on assistance or technology from aliens or blind luck.
- In the end, the Chimaera threat was stopped forever by Leigh deciding to fuse herself with the Core and then asking Willis to kill her. Since Leigh was the original core, this caused all of the Chimaera to die as well.
- Leigh was brought back to life thanks to Amahagara's systems recognizing her as its pilot in the last moment and restoring her with nanomachines. Thus, Elys' wish to use nanomachines to save people, not just kill them, finally came true.
- Evil Jen and Setsuna are both dead. Good riddance.
- Thanks to Project Unity's quick arrival through wormhole shenanigans and assistance from Aegis, casualties were relatively low - at least when dealing with an incident of this magnitude.