The Story's End

The Lady's influence cannot be allowed to grow anymore. The time for preparation is over: with the Discovery of Self and the specially created weapon, Project Unification ventures deep into her realm. We have only one chance at this, and we cannot afford to lose.

Canon: Super Robot Wars Alpha 3, SRWU (canon finale for both - but it is NOT the final mission of the game!)
Characters: Selena Recital, any number of other combatants (special, see below)
Type: Planned
Setting: Breaching the Lady's sphere of influence, North America
Schedule: This mission will happen on Sunday August 21st, at 8 AM CDT/1 PM GMT. Yes, I realize this time isn't good for everyone who responded to the scheduling post, this is the best compromise we could work out and I'm very sorry for that. Anyway if you want to participate, please respond below.

Note on participants: Any player who wishes to participate in this mission may send any number of their characters on it, as opposed to just one. Each player can still only act with a single character during an initiative prompt however.