The mission Master of Two Worlds was a surprising success. The log can be read here.

Mizuki Onodera
Willis Clades
Elyssa Soleil
Dido Sybil
Walt Schmertz

-The area around the crash site was turned into a place under the Lady's influence. This includes the people, with the locals playing the role of helpless civilians, the recon team squad the role of bandits - and Gavin and his friends as heroes, of course.
-Despite receiving reinforcements in the form of more Grunbein copies and their Lucent Gunsword weapons, the trio has been bested. This is when it was revealed that Desta and Ilinka knew about the fake show Lady put up all along, but went along with it for the sake of Loni's happiness.
-Desta told the two others to flee while he himself used the Lady's power to become a Guardian. We've killed him and now he is gone for good. The two others have departed to parts unknown, but it's almost certain we will hear of them yet...
-The Discovery of Self has been reclaimed and the area and its people have returned to normal!
-The surroundings of the fight sustained a lot of damage, but casualties were kept to a minimum thanks to our active efforts. All units participating received heavy damage, however.