Rules of Hospitality

Another component of the Discovery of Self is located on Anakaia: the race's Great Forge, prompting the Unity Group's return.  But the mountains will prove even more dangerous than Lady Xion has warned...

Canon: Knight the Burned Out (post-canon mission)
Characters: Sielje, any number of other participants
Type: Spontaneous
Setting: A mountainous region in Ankaia.
Schedule: This mission will take place either some time on Thursday, April 21st after 2:30 PM CDT, Saturday, April 23rd after 1:30 PM CDT, Malaysian times on Sunday, April 24th, or after 2:30 PM CDT on the Tuesday the 27th or Wednesday the 28th the next week.  I apologize for the limited mission times; started my second job so I don't have as much time anymore.  At any rate, if you want to participate, please post below with your preferred dates and times.

Estimated length: 3-3.5 hours.