The mission The Day Earth Stood Still was a success! The log can be read here.

The canon Bolo Chronicles: Neon Genesis Tankgelion is now complete.

Hikari Shimamura and Bahamut Metalia
Willis Clades
Selena Recital

-With the barriers between universes having grown exceptionally thin, the Beasts of Starmind could break through and unleash a full scale invasion - forget attacking only one town in Japan, many places around the globe were assaulted simultaneously!
-Stopping the invasion leader Paranticus would cause the rest of Beasts to stop moving, but the enemy turned out to be a powerful foe. The last resort chance of activating Metalis'a black box did nothing... but Hikari, Bahamut and others didn't give up and brought a miracle with their own hands instead.
-Unfortunately, a miracled turned out to be not enough... even with Paranticus dead, more of its kind revealed themselves. The invasion had many leaders, each just as powerful. Everything seemed lost, until...
-Until it turned out that the black box did in fact serve a function. It was a beacon, which activated brought in the group Bahamut Metalia used to be a part of - the Dinochrome Brigade, sworn enemies of Beasts of Starmind! With their arrival in large numbers and subsequent support, the day was saved!
-We have a lot of oversized friendly (and mostly non humanoid) sentient machines hanging around now. However, they will not stay on Earth for long...