The mission World in Black was a success. The log can be read here.

Setsuko Ohara
Willis Clades
Elyssa Soleil
Selena Recital
Volya Alkaev

-The attack on Black Charisma's battleship was a success. It is not in Unity Group's hands.
- Apart from a swarm of AI defenders, we faced Xine, Lowen and Shuran in battle. Thanks to Setsuko's words, Xine was persuaded to switch sides and left the battle, promising to return. Lowen and Shuran remained loyal to Chimera and died in the fight.
- The only other person present inside the battleship was old man Jii. He doesn't seem to know much, beyond that Edel Bernal went somewhere together with a man who's presumably Asakim.