The mission Accelerando was completed successfully!  The complete mission log can be read here.

Jen Douglas
Dido Sybil
Grace Wallach

Important notes:
- The art expo was derailed when Apogee 13 showed up with a squad of assassins, all for the purpose of trying to kill Jen.  Some quick thinking on her part got the fight moved to outside, but not before Apogee also shot her in the back in a rather dickish fashion.
- During the battle, some hired thugs Apogee had brought along had the bright idea to try to kill Jen's sister and mother, providing incentive enough for Jen to master the Nemain's superspeed movement. It was enough to kill the jerk and save her family!
- Buuuuuuuut also not enough to defeat Apogee, who only retreated after Sielje intervened and saved Jen's life.  To make matters worse, her superspeed movement also seems to not just accelerate her machine... but also the progression of the same disease that took her father's life.