The mission Where The Path Leads was a full success! The log can be read here and here.

The canon Hell's Embrace True is now complete!

Astara Kellin
Lenore Iblis
Kei Kugimiya
Roy Garnette
Izuru Hitachi
Seta Albreich

- Carina used the Gatekeeper to launch an attack on the Gloster HQ. Thanks to a coordinated effort between Gloster and Unity Group, the attack was stopped. There was a lot of collateral damage, but no casualties.
- Lenore was rescued safe and sound. Freeing her from the Gatekeeper caused the gigantic machine to fall apart.
- As a backup plan, Carina tried to summon the Kijin Emperor, who turned out to be Seta - very much alive and very much still on our side.
- In the end Carina Gloster was killed, and her army of fake Craft was destroyed completely. It's safe to say that this particular threat is now taken care of.